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The University of Navarre (Pamplona, Spain)

The School of Theology of the University of Navarra was founded as a Theological Center in 1964. It was later elevated to the rank of Institute in 1967, and was designated by the Holy See as a School (Faculty) in 1969. Its academic degrees are fully valid, both civilly and canonically. As its original task, the School devoted itself to providing its students with a solid theological formation; it also prepares professors and researchers in Sacred Sciences. Its upper-division (2nd cycle) studies are structured in three Specializations: Sacred Scripture, Systematic Theology (emphases in Dogmatic Theology and in Moral and Spiritual Theology), and Theological History (emphases in Church History and the History of Theology). (Read more at the Faculty of Theology's website.)

The Faculty of Theology continues to do intensive research and publish scholarly work in the different fields of specialization. Among its academic endeavors, it collaborates with other centers of Theology all over the world, holds International Symposia, and organizes seminars for Theology professors. Its professors have translated and prepared the notes (intended both for basic academic research and as an aid for personal meditation and spiritual growth) for the much-appreciated Navarre Bible, now available in different languages.

For the formation of priests and seminarians, the Faculty of Theology coordinates closely with the Faculty of Ecclesiastical Philosophy and the Faculty of Canon Law of the University of Navarre.

Through the efforts of Theological Centrum, Philippine Bishops have been sending priests and seminarians to the University of Navarre since 1985, primarily to help upgrade the quality of formation offered in their respective seminaries.

Seminarians live and undergo formation in the Bidasoa International Seminary. Priest scholars on the other hand reside in the following international colleges (or residence) run in union with the Faculty of Theology:

  • Colegio Mayor de Humanidades
  • Colegio Mayor Dos Tilos
  • Colegio Mayor Albaizar
  • Colegio Mayor P. Barace
  • Colegio Mayor Carlos III


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