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Volumes I and II
A Complete Course in Theology

Edited by Father Charles Belmonte, S.Th.D.

This is a comprehensive two-volume textbook for a complete course on Theology for everyone. Rigorously following the theological method—faith seeking understanding—the authors take the reader step by step through the different aspects of the doctrine of the Catholic Faith. In each step, the basics in Sacred Scripture, Tradition and Magisterium are elucidated by faith-enlightened reason, to weave together a wonderful taperstry of Christian faith and morals. And all this is done in a down-to-earth, easy to understand language, with the man of the street in mind.

Volume I
A. Introduction to Theology
B. Fundamental Dogmatic Theology: Revelation
C. Introduction to Sacred Scripture
D. God, One and Triune
E. God, The Creator
F. God made Man: Jesus
G. God’s Mother
H. God’s Grace
I. God’s Church
J. Sacred Liturgy
K. The Sacraments

Volume II
L. Fundamental Moral Theology
M. The Commandments of the Law of God and of the Chruch
     The Theological and Moral Virtues
N. The Social Doctrine of the Church
O. Marriage and the Family
P. The Last Things

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